Sunday, 21 August 2011

Milngavie Book &Art Festival

Don't miss our Book and Art Festival September 6th- 10th. Kaye Adams the TV presenter opens the Festival at the Lillie Art Gallery followed by the popular New Writer's panel 'How did I get Published?' chaired by yours truly.

The programme line up this year is fabulous.Here's a summary for you.

At a Glance

Date/Time Event Venue

Monday 5th September

8.00pm Monday Swing Milngavie Town Hall

Tuesday 6th September

3.00pm James Robertson St Andrew’s Church

7.00 for 7.30pm Opening reception

with Kaye Adams

New Writers’ Panel Lillie Art Gallery

Wednesday 7th September

2.30pm Alasdair Alexander Milngavie Library

7.00pm Fiona Martynoga Mugdock Country Park

7.30pm Burns For a’ That Corbie Ha’

7.30pm Flutes en Route Lillie Art Gallery

8.00pm May Nicholson Allander Church

Thursday 8th September

2.30pm Sue Peebles Milngavie Library

7.00pm Peter Wright Mugdock Country Park

7.00pm Cargo Special Delivery Lillie Art Gallery

Friday 9th Septembe

2.00pm Afternoon Tea Allander Church

with Jess Smith

4.00pm Tawona &Leela/Poets from

Two Continents Allander Church

7.30pm John MacLeod Allander Church

Saturday 10th September

10.00am Moomins Courtroom

11.00am Donald Nelson Milngavie Bookshop

11.00am John MacLeod Allander Church

11.00am Peepo! Courtroom

11.00am King James Bible Reading St Andrew’s church marquee

11.30am The Rosie Nimmo Band Precinct (stage)

12.00pm Scott McIntyre Courtroom

12.30pm Dunbartonshire Wind Precinct (marquee)


1.00pm Robert Douglas Allander Church

1.15pm Moira Munro Courtroom

2.00pm Them Beatles Precinct (stage)

2.30pm Postman Pat St. Andrew’s Church Marquee

3.00pm Sally Magnusson Allander Church

3.00pm Janey Louise Jones Courtroom

3.00pm Close Shave Chorus Precinct (marquee)

4.00pm Blue Dubh Precinct (stage)

7.30pm Boo Hewerdine Fraser Centre

7.30pm Fish, Chips & Champagne

Crime night Cairns Church

Do come along and enjoy the week of books, art and music and the 'Fringe' our own Milngavie Medley.