Wednesday, 28 December 2011

January Lit Events

Beyond the Basics Family History Course17 Jan–14 Feb Tue 6–7.30pm Mitchell Library, Glasgow

A five-week series of workshops for those who wish to look a little deeper into family history.

17 Jan–14 Feb Tue 6–7.30pm Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Divine Write
1 Dec 2011–23 Feb 2012 Mon–Thu 9am–8pm; Fri & Sat 9am–5pm Mitchell Library, Glasgow

The key text of the English and Scottish Reformation, and a cultural and literary touchstone, the King James Bible celebrates its 400th anniversary this year. This exhibition includes two copies of the Bible, with other bibles from earlier and later periods for comparison.

Glasgow Poetry Book Group
18 Jan 7.30pm CCA, Glasgow

The group discusses Carcanet's new anthology, New Poetries V, which includes the work of William Letford, Vincenz Serrano and Helen Tookey among many others. An informal discussion where all are welcome.

Graphic Novel Book Group11 Jan 7.30pm

A book group for those who like plenty of pictures with their words, run by Plan B Books.

Looking at two books by Norwegian cartoonist Jason (John Arne Sæterøy to his mum), I Killed Adolf Hitler…
The Crystal Palace, Glasgow
Guid Crack Club
Regular storytelling club involving song and music aplenty.

27 Jan 7.30pm

The Magic Carpet Cabaret

A night of poetry, songs and stories, with open mic spots.
6 Jan 8pm Tchai-Ovna House of Tea, Glasgow

The Mitchell Centenary Exhibition
1 Dec 2011–25 Feb 2012 Mon–Thu 9am–8pm; Fri & Sat 9am–5pm Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Exhibition of photos and documents telling the story of 100 years in the building at Charing Cross for the Mitchell library.

Poetry Discussion Group5 Jan 6pm Mitchell Library, Glasgow
Lively and informal discussions of poetry on the first Thursday of every month.

Scottish Writers' Centre Great Debates
19 Jan 7pm

The SWC sets the cat among the pigeons with a series of 'Great Debates' on hot literary topics.

This week, Ewan Morrison asks, in a world of alternative publishing models, if this is 'The End of Books?'
CCA, Glasgow

28 Jan 7pm

This time the Gaelic Literature Forum poses the question, ‘How can publishers and educators meet the needs…
CCA, Glasgow

Scottish Writers' Centre presents Ron Butlin, In Process
5 Jan 7pm CCA, Glasgow
In the first of a new series of events from the SWC focussing on the craft of writing, Edinburgh Makar Butlin talks in detail about how he writes poetry, novels and even the odd opera.

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